January 23rd, 2013

Clint: They think he's a pedophile

This was a fill on Avengerkink. Clint was sexually assaulted as a child and has two photographs from a rape in which he kept. The pictures were discovered because JARVIS alerted Natasah (I think) about the repetitive behavior he engages in every night (looking at them). The team finds the pictures and think he gets off from them because they assume he's a pedophile.


Contingency Plans; Humor

1) The Avengers have to fill out paperwork detailing their wishes in case of emergencies (what to do if they turn evil/turn into an animal/are dosed with sex pollen). And I think there was another where, when choosing their options (read: partner) for a potential "fuck or die" situation, everyone chose Coulson.

It's also entirely possible that the two are actually one fic. I don't remember. And I can't find it/them and it's driving me nuts.

2) Please rec me the funniest fics you've ever read. Side-splitting, bust-a-gut, laughing so hard you've got tears in your eyes. No restrictions for character/pairing

Thank you for any help