January 25th, 2013


Loki/Tony Mpreg


I'm trying to remember a fic on AO3.

It was Mpreg and Tony and Loki go to a prenatal classes. The others there are very supportingly. I think before the class Tony has told Loki he can magic them if the others have problems with them. Unfortunately that's pretty much all I remember.

Help anyone? Thanks in advance.
SG1 - Jack - Never Letting Go
  • qbic1

Protective Hulk

Somehow, I've gotten on a protective Hulk kick. Does anyone know some good stories either from Hulk's POV or at least has him being protective of an Avenger or the whole team? I recently read a really good Bruce/Natasha fic (who know I still liked het fic? Avengers fanfic is broadening my horizons - ;) and its made me realize how great a character Hulk can be. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It can be any pairing, these days I'm reading it all but I'm just looking for some good positive Hulk stories.

Thanks so much!
  • mmifa

Fic disappeared from the face of earth...

Hi guys!
Does anyone know where I could rea

Crashing in the Name of Science

The only place I've found was this http://uptartgeek.tumblr.com/post/23732791990/crashing-in-the-name-of-science and after you click on "Read More" it directs you to a non-existent page.

Please help, I heard it's very good and a slow-build! Dying to read it...