January 27th, 2013


Clint as Kid! Loki's father.

Hi all,

I'm looking for a story I'm sure I read on Ao3. Basically, Loki was fighting the Avengers, and I think a spell backfired on him turning him into a little kid. The Avengers took him in and Clint ended up being the parental figure to him. I don't remember the reason, but I think the Avengers were having Loki do something, and every time he did, the adult Loki personality would come back a little more. In the end, the true Loki personality decided to basically kill himself as long as they promised to always love and protect the nice kid Loki. I also think there was a scene in which the Avengers had dressed Loki up in Thor pajamas.

I know it's confusing, but that's the best way to describe it. I really liked that story and hope someone knows what I am talking about. Oh, and it's not the story in which Phil/Clint raise Loki. This is purely Clint being solely responsible for Loki.

Thank you to any and all help.


Edit: Found! by the amazing jejo763 The story is Amateur Theatrics and the story I mentioned above is the Kid Loki Series

Falling Asleep

I'm looking for fics where one of the team falls asleep with another. Not necessarily in a romantic sense, although I don't mind if things lead there, but fics where the team is comfortable enough to fall asleep in each other's presence (preferably on by falling asleep on the other person).

Also, any puppy-pile fics, where they all fall asleep together. (What can I say? I'm in a schmoopy mood)