January 28th, 2013

Gun girl, Hush

Specific Darcy Central Fic

Hello I'm looking for a specific Darcy central fic in which Darcy is working as a junior shield agent/minion after the Avengers go live. I think it was part of a 5+1 or a series of one shots.

In it Darcy is on a simple pick-up or stakeout with coulson(lives!). While she's making a coffee run Coulson is Captured. Darcy rescues him armed with her tazer, and one that breaks/ runs out of charges, her Service gun. It's the first time she's ever shot/killed someone. Avengers arrive on scene after the fact.

What is this fic?
Avengers - Tony2

Help, looking for a Tony is not a warrior but a protector fic!!

Hi, well someone else is searching for this same fic and now I totally want to read it!!

In this fic, after a battle, Thor is talking about how all the Avengers are great warriors and all, and he mentions them name by name but he lefts Tony out, and after feeling awful about this Tony lefts for the tower and his lab.

Thor mentions that Tony is a protector, creator, something like this, that is equally important but Tony doesn't listen 'cause he turns of the communicator.

Later Steve goes to the lab and talks to Tony and all.

Any help please?? I so want to read this fic again!! And for the life of me I can't remember the name or the Author!!

Be well, Monica