January 29th, 2013

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Looking for specific fic...FOUND

... and I am going to *headdesk* so hard when someone tells me because I suspect I've actually downloaded it somewhere.

What I remember (pretty sure it's movieverse):
- Steve, Clint, Natasha are sent on a mission, with Coulson as their handler, to fight The Wrecking Crew; they figure they can handle it because it's just the Wrecking Crew trying to rob a bank. Bruce and Tony are across the (bay? some body of water) doing some sort of Science Convention (multinational - my brain is apparently mush...). Thor was somewhere else, sort of nearby, doing some charity event (with kids?) However, they didn't realize that...
- The Wrecking Crew was stealing a dragon egg. That then hatched. In the bank. And grew. They call for back-up; Steve gives Clint a boost so he can get to a rooftop. Clint's firing arrows and nothing is phasing the dragon much; Thor's too far away; Tony is saying something like "I'll be there in x-minutes" Clint says "I don't have x-minutes", Tony says, "I'll be there in x-1 minutes" and Coulson says, "This is not a ____!" and Tony says, "Fuck it, I'll be there in x-2 (or x-3?) minutes?"
-Clint then says something like "I'm going all Mulan on it."
-Steve doesn't get it. Coulson yells "No!"
-Clint goes all Mulan. Arrows explode. Clint falls off the building, still shooting, debris falling all around him, the bank collapsing around the dragon.
-Tony comes flying in at the last minute, catches Clint even as he's shooting the last arrow; almost makes it clean, gets clipped in a boot by a debris that would have killed any of the others, and goes spinning - can't get control because he's holding Clint and one boot is shot.
-Thor comes in, Tony yells something about lateralling - tosses Clint to Thor, and drill-bits into the ground.
-Dragon comes up and goes to eat Tony, Steve throws his shield, knowing it'll be too late, and Tony throws up a foot and gets the Dragon in the face, which sets off the last arrow, which leave the dragon less half a head, and dead.
-They come running up and Tony is refusing to open his helmet, freaking everyone out - Coulson is running up, tie flapping, the most ruffled they've ever seen him - and turns out Tony puked in his helmet which is why he didn't want to open it. Clint sags in relief teasing him - saying he puked twice and they must have pulled 3-G's.

.... I remember a lot. I don't remember anything useful such as oh -I *think* it's Steve/Tony, but I'm not altogether sure. And I don't remember anything useful like the author or, y'know. The title. or for sure where I read it, though I suspect AO3.

Like I said, I am going to *headdesk* so hard when (I dearly, dearly hope) someone finds this for me.


hiya! i have a request... or well...request's and if some fellow fandom-lovers could help me...well that would be fantastic.

1). If you have any phil coulson/tony stories can you rec me them or link them out? there is simply not enough of that out there and i would like if someone can give me some links. ive got nothing against Explict, BRING IT ON!!!

2) Any tony stark whump stories that you REALLY think are good. not just stop-gab bullshit that doesnt even make a full page. this shit has happened before.

3). Finally any good team-fics where the team worries and mother hen about tony because he went and did something stupid or dangerous or got kiddnapped. ive read alot on worried team fics and have become strangley addicted, but i'll worry aborut that later, rec me fic's NOW! XP

Any responses and fics will be greatly appreciated! PLEASE! Help a fellow fan-girl out!

Thank you!!!

Bucky meets the team fic searches and a few other random team fic searches

I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while ago on ao3, where Bucky meets the Avengers team, and a more general search for Bucky related fics:
1. Bucky has been found and detained by SHIELD, who are interrogating him, treating him as an object, basically torturing him. But, Bucky isn't the Winter Soldier, or is at least semi lucid, and Coulson finds out about what SHIELD is doing, and eventually helps the Avengers stage a coo and rescue Bucky. I remember a part where Iron Man blasted through the cell walls and flew Bucky out.
2. I'd love any fics where Bucky is introduced to the team, but he already knew another member of the team(someone besides Steve or Natasha). Like maybe he somehow met Tony as a kid?
3. I'd also love any fics where the Team breaks one of their own-one of the Avengers, Bucky, Coulson, anyone they care about really-out of some kind of government/Shield/military holding/detainment.
4. Any crossover fics where someone from a different fandom-Charles Xavier, Neal Caffrey, Dean Winchester, anyone?-gets to know the Avengers, and maybe becomes part of the team/family, particularly if they've been abandoned/lost their own team/family.
Sorry for the ever growing list of requests.
Thanks a mill guys : )

help needed: shirt, pants, shoes, not required.....

Greetings darlings.

Huge favor to ask. HUGE favor. As in, the slash-loving, angst-obsessed, Clint/Coulson infatuated fangirl in me is starving to death from neglect.

I had a TON of Clint/Coulson fics stashed away in the bookmarks of my old computer, which has, in fact, decided to commit suicide. That was three weeks ago. I can't even begin to tell you how much it feels like I'm missing a limb, not to have those fics on hand.

What I'm asking (and hoping) for, are any and all Clint/Coulson fics, specifically hurt/comfort (emotional and physical). Can be an established relationship or pre-slash, should definitely be in character (no overly fluffy stuff or high school fics). I'll take everything else. I'm desperate. (also, I'm extremely partial to any fics with Clint dealing with the death of Coulson at the end of The Avengers and all the emotional damage and turmoil and utter grief that goes along with that)

Any help would be amazing. Fantastic. Wonderful. Grand. THANK YOU. I appreciate you greatly, but I will not reward you with invisible web!cookies or internet!hugs, because....yeah....