January 31st, 2013

Jane eyre


I'm looking for a fic and I remember very little of it. It was Clint/Phil and I remember Phil knowing he was in love with Clint because it was just like his mom told him it was going to be. Or he felt about Clint the same way his mom felt about his dad? Something to that affect. I'm pretty sure she was dead in the story but I'm not entirely sure. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
  • jorockz

Specfic Steve/Tony + Bucky


There is a scene that popped into my head and i can't find the story :(

I think : Steve and Tony had either just got together/were about to get together when Bucky was found.

Tony is a bit insecure, so he decides to do the honorable thing, and backs away from Steve to give him to Bucky. Bucky ends up in the workshop with Tony trying to work out why hes abandoning Tony.

I think Tony blurts out the truth, and Steve was behind Bucky and heard it?

Pretty sure it was on AO3.