February 1st, 2013

Josh Hartnett

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I'm looking for a specific fic. It starts off with the Avengers at this party thing that Pepper was throwing at a museum. Loki shows up and gives Tony some kind of box. It turns out that Thor has been keeping him in his hotel room, since Loki had suffered from being tortured. Thor brought Tony to the hotel room and they decide that he's going to come live in the Stark Tower so they can keep an eye on him. At some point, it's revealed that Odin has sent Ameera and someone else to come find Loki, and she tricks him into thinking she's on his side and that she's after the magic in the box that he gave Tony. There was also a part where Nick Fury is holding Loki in the Shield facility and Thor comes in to demand that he release his brother (right after Loki has left with Tony). Another scene had Loki having a panic attack because he thought Hugin and Munin were outside the window watching him, so they had to keep the windows covered.

Does this story sound familiar to anyone?
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Searching for Fic

I'm looking for a story that has a scene where Hawkeye is wandering lost in the subway tunnels.  He and the Team had been fighting a bunch of giant lizards or bugs until he fell underground, and he finds a big nest of them underground as he tries to find a way out.  He is still in contact with the Team (I think?) and they try to find him/lead him out when he gets ambushed by the enemy. 

That's all I can recall.  I've been wracking my brain for three days searching and trying to figure out if the story had whump/BAMF!Clint or if there were any pairings at all.  I'm guessing it could be at least a medium-length fic and possibly not Clint-centric.  Any help would be incredibly awesome :)