February 6th, 2013

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A few general recs and 2 specific FOUND

Okay, so I've pretty well glutted myself on Clint/Coulson, so I'm venturing out, and have a few general story-parameters I'm looking for. I'm open to specific stories, links to bookmark lists (like Diigo and Delicious), alternate tags and phrases to enter into AO3 search parameters, and that sort of thing. I'm a bit lost trying to find stuff! :/

1) Any stories with Bucky showing up, preferably with some focus on his arm. I'm a glut for hurt/comfort, I'll also happily take Tony tinkering to improve mechanics.

2) Related to above, any recs for Steve/Tony in which Bucky comes back, and Tony thinks Steve is going to go back to his 'first-love' (doesn't have to be Bucky/Steve, but Tony thinks it's there, make sense?), so he starts distancing himself. Of course, Steve isn't going for that.

3) Cutting for possible triggers::
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4) Steve's shield. There's a specific one in which Steve uses the vibrations of his shield to do a self-medical check after fights. I've lost it, so if anyone happens to know and would be willing to point me in the right direction? Related to that, any fics focusing on his shield, especially if it drives Tony nuts that the thing pretty much breaks all logic in that it thinks it's a boomerang. Found the specific one (A Man And His Shield), but still taking any similar to it.

5) Specific fic: It's a Phil/Clint story, and they're busting up a robbery at a grocery store that they got caught up in. It stands out as slightly cracky, in that they're totally nonchalant about it, inquiring back and forth about things like the shrimp is on sale, and Phil's like "what would we do with shrimp?" while knocking out a baddie, and Clint's like "Dude, for that price, we'll make something!" I can't find it now, and I'm confused as to where I read it. I don't think it's AO3, but I've not read many Avenger fics outside of Ao3, so I dunno. Help!? FOUND as well, it's The Usual Grocery Run on Tumblr.

Pretty path to nowhere

Specific fic search

I am sort of newish to Avengers fandom, but am having much fun exploring my latest obsessions, which involves a lot of whumped Iron Man (better living through fanfic!). My question involves a fic I read recently, and all I can remember is this once scene: I think it was Steve/Tony in the beginning part of a relationship (or at least good friendship), and Tony was hurt and needed to rest, and wasn't doing a very good job of it. There was a scene in which Steve was very frustrated but telling the others that Tony had finally dropped off to sleep or was at least going to stay put for a bit, and Clint remarks that it only took him six broken stitches to get there. And that's all I remember ... and it's driving me nuts. If you remember this, please let me know? Thanks.

Black Widow Fics?

Good evening,

I was hoping you could rec me some fics where Black Widow is the main protagonist? Not bothered too much about Ships/Gen femslash/slash/het - anything!

But the Longer and the Plottier the better. Anything that makes me really get a handle on her character and her generally being awesome and kicking-ass.

Thank you!

Clint/Natasha Fic Search

Okay guys, this is pretty obscure, but I'm looking for a fic and the most I can remember about it was that once they got together, Clint was trying out different cutesy nicknames for Natasha.  I know at some point he quoted Lolita with "light of my life, fire of my loins.  My sin, my soul."  Near the end he calls her Nat and she says likes that one.  He says he always calls her that and she replies that's why she likes it.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!