February 7th, 2013

FOUND! Science bros pairing and Thunderfrost! Tony and Loki live together as bff

I am looking for a fic where Tony's dad cuts him off and he moves into an apartment.
Then Loki moves in because he is heartbroken about Thor being engaged. It's a Science bros pairing with Bruce trying to dissuade Tony from being with him and Tony becomes his helper in his lab.

Thank you!

Found it
May Your Past Be the Sound (Of Your Feet Upon the Ground) by Gunbots

Totally recommend you read.
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Can you rec any fics in which the Avengers are really protective of Coulson? Physical or emotional hurt is fine. I'd prefer a focus on the whole team, but any pairings are also fine.

Why Tony won't hire someone to clean the tower & Tony being awesome recs

There's this fic, I read it on AO3, it's one of those Avengers-all-bond-by-living-in-the-tower ones. Anyway someone's being messy (I think it's Clint) and they are all like "Why don't you hire someone to clean this place?" and I'm pretty sure Tony's all like corporate espionage, all it takes it someone in a maid uniform to get in etc, etc.

It was probably Tony/Steve.

Also while I'm here can I get some Tony being awesome, competent, overworked, or just plain bamf?

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Allergic!Tony [FOUND]

Hey, so I'm looking for a really specific Tony Stark fic.  It was a short one, probably on the AO3 because that's where I read most of my fics. 

Tony had an allergy to something -- I think it was a food allergy maybe -- but the other Avengers didn't really believe him.  So he kept sucking it up and doing whatever it was they were doing just to be friendly, even though he knew he'd have a reaction.  I think it was a 5 things fic, or maybe a 5+1.

If you find this for me, I would be delighted.  ^_^  It's really bugging me right now for some reason.