February 9th, 2013


I know the fic, but can't find it :/

This may be an  odd request, but does anyone have, or know, what happened to the fic "Odd One Out"?  It was a soulmate fic involving a device with lights.  For the longest time Steve's wrist was dark but it lit up when he touched Tony.  They discover Phil isn't dead when Clint has one installed on his wrist.  The author posted about letting someone else finish the fic and it has since been taken down from AO3.  If anyone knows where it's gone, or has a link or copy of it, would you be willing to pass it on?  It was one of my favorite soulmates fics.  Thanks for all the help.
Avengers- Tony {extremis armor omg}

A little help?

Hey all, I'm looking for a particular story but coming up short and it's driving me crazy. To keep it short, Tony gets shot. He's not in his armor and he's really hurt, in a coma for a while, all that jazz. The story is split between dreams/memories of Tony's, and the team's reactions to Tony being so hurt while they wait for him to wake up. I'm pretty certain it was on AO3. Any help in locating this story would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Oh, also it's movie!verse. That is all.