February 10th, 2013


I'm looking for OT6 Fics can be gen, slash, or just where they have a great relationship. Fics like nightrider101's, "What You're Made Of". Would prefer if it was Tony centric though. PS: There needs to be an OT6 pairing tag!!!
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Old school recs?

I've been thinking (dangerous, I know). Given that both fanfic and the Avengers have existed since well before I was born, there has fic out there that predates the movieverse. But pretty much all the fic I've seen has been written in just last couple years. I've seen maybe a couple fics from the late 2000s (civil-war fixers) and nothing from early. So my question is, does anyone know where the older fic is living, and/or have some old-school recs for me? Some of it has to be awesome.