February 12th, 2013

Bruce needs love!

I adore Bruce Banner and I'm having trouble finding some good fics where he gets any attention. So often he seems to be a side note. :( Please help me find any good fics where Bruce plays a main role. Gen, het, slash, OCs,OT3-6 are all great. Bruce needs some love! Bruce whump is awesome too, I'm a huge hurt/comfort fan. :). I just ask for happy endings, no tragedies please.
captain america

two specific Clint Coulson fics

I'm looking for two specific Clint/Coulson fics.

In one Clint is a slave owned by SHIELD. He is dating Phil, a free man, and gets sold to Tony a couple months before he would be free. Tony eventually sets him free and he and Phil get married.

The other fic I remember less about. At the beginning Phil is trying to recruit Clint and he gives him a business card and says it's his to keep. Clint isn't used to having things that belong to him. Later in the story Phil tells Clint that Phil himself belongs to Clint.

Any help would be appreciated!