February 14th, 2013

Snakeling: Minoan snake goddess

Steve and Loki on Jotunheim


I'm looking for a fic I read a few weeks ago.

Steve holds onto Loki as he vanishes from Midgard to Jotunheim. The cold there is so intense that Loki has to transform Steve into a Jotun for him to survive. They're hostile at first, but gradually friendship begins to grow between them, as they prepare a coup with other Jotuns to boot off a false Loki and seize the throne for the real one. I remember a scene where Steve taught Jotuns how to fight with snow balls.

It was longish, and I thought I read it off AO3, but I can't find it now. Help?

Thanks :)


heyyyyyy.... i was wonderin if someone could help me find some type of fics that i've been looking for? its not long i promise! XD!

1. Any fic where steve and tony have a horrible, crazy argument no matter what it is about. either tony did something reckless or steve keeps bringing up howard, ANYTHING. i would like if the argument ended up with guilty feelings on either side and they realise they like the other and *BOOM* smut, but hey, anything will be great.

2. any protective hulk fics, where hulk is really worried about any team mate. but i'd perfer tony/clint.

3. any fics with the avengers meeting rhodey, and realising tony had a life outside them besides the avengers and his lab. i just feel to many stories focus on that without thinking ' hey, this dude wasent always an avenger, what about his other life he had before?'so any type of story like that is good too.

and WOW, this was way longer than i intended but whatever. any help is appreciated! thank you! :)