February 25th, 2013


Looking for Pre-Avengers Clint Fic

Hello! I am looking for a specific fic set pre-avengers. I read it some time ago and loved it, and now I can't find it again. I remember the fic details Clint working as an assassin for the government pre-Shield, and it is well understood that if a mission ever goes south nobody will come save him. He eventually joins Shield after he refuses to finish a job that required him to kill a young boy. Sometime after joining Shield a mission does go south and he is completely surprised when Coulson shows up to save him. I remember Coulson, and perhaps a few other Shield members, are surprised and unhappy with the realization that Clint thought nobody would come save him.

I am almost entirely certain it was a slow-build Clint/Coulson fic.

It has really been bugging me that I can't find this one again. If anyone can help me out, I would be grateful!