February 26th, 2013


Deaged team fic!

Hi everyone! I've read tons of deaged fics on all the various sites where Avengers are archived, but since the fandom is, well, MASSIVE, I know I'm probably missing tons.... I'm looking for one very specific type of deaged fic though, one I (frustratingly) have yet to find.

I am looking for a fic where the team is deaged to preteen/teen age, but still posses all their memories.... And it's permanent (or nearly so, they spent a LONG time kids anyhow). ANY pairings are fine; het, slash, gen, 's all good! Crossovers are fine too. I'd prefer if the fic was complete or at least off to a promising start, but I'm willing to take anything at this point, *G*.

Does this exist? Or am I doomed to want a fic that shall never be? LOL