March 12th, 2013


Specific Fic: Steve + Team

it's one of those "Steve's having a hard time adjusting to the future, and he gets help from the team and there's bonding and stuff" fic.

I remember that Steve had a pretty set routine and spent a lot of time in his apartment alone after the movie's events; and then one day Thor shows up out of the blue and they hang/discover/re-discover New York and slowly but surely he interacts/bonds with the whole team and starts to adapt.

I think when Thor shows up, Steve focuses on Thor's earth clothes/flannel. Later on Bruce tells him that he and Tony kind of spied on him, noticed he shut himself up in his apartment, and Tony might have gotten offended when he was hanging out with Thor before them, but Bruce kept tabs on him.

That's all I got, not sure if there were any ships or anything.