March 13th, 2013

Looking for a story about Clint not killing Natasha

OMG This story has been killing me because I cannot find it. I know it AO3. Clint was on a rooftop waiting on the order to kill the Black Widow. When his phone rang and it was her and they were having a conversation. She was talking about an old love and wanting to be free. Coulson heard this and killed the order to take her out. Clint's boss got pissed because he thought they were tracking her well all along she was leading them on. Coulson and Fury wanted Barton to bring her in and he asked and they said because she talked to you. This was series of 3 stories. Please help!!!

Status: story found in comments

Evil!JARVIS (General Request)

Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any evil/protective/rebellious Jarvis recommendations. I don't think I've read any, but the idea is very intriguing to me. I'm looking for any of the below:
1) JARVIS ignores a direct order from Tony to protect him
2) JARVIS hurts someone to protect Tony or the Avengers
3) JARVIS goes completely insane and turns on everyone (including Tony)

I love JARVIS <3 but i'd love to read a different take on him (than the usual awesome)

Thanks in advance for your help!!