March 14th, 2013


Looking for Rich!Tony stories

Hey all!  I'm flying on Sat, and I was hoping you all could help me find some stories to read on the plane and in the airport.  I have kind of an odd craving and I'm having trouble satiating it myself.  

I'm looking for stories that focus on the fact that well, Tony Stark is rich in a way that redefines rich.  According to the 2012 Forbes Fictional 15 list, Tony made 2.9 billion last year alone (  And that's just 2012.  They list the net worth as 9.3 billion but I'd argue that number is higher.  Tony was the sole Stark heir and has been running the company for 20 years.  Between SI profits and his patents he's probably worth far more, especially considering that money breeds money and Tony is a shrewd businessman and would invest well.  I'd love to see stories that focus on what that means for his daily life.  So stories that address things like:

-Bodyguards.  We know he has them in IM1, and he definitely still has Happy in IM2, so what about after the Avengers?  The man is a former weapons developer, billionaire, super-hero.  The list of people who want to capture or kill him starts with AIM and stretches out the door, down the Tower's steps, and around the block.  I think bodyguards remain a must, but rarely is this addressed in fic.  So, anything with bodyguards and/or Avengers playing bodyguard would be awesome.  I'd especially love fics where the team is aware of how much danger Tony is in public and subtly (or not so subtly) protects him.

-Stalkers.  See above, they have to be there.

-Privacy.  Paparazzi.  Enough said.

-Corporate espionage.  SI's secrets have to be something that people are interested in.

-Tony's investments.

-The fact that he is a genius inventor.  I'd love to see stories with other scientists or researchers flipping out because they are meeting Tony Stark!  Or SI's R&D.  Is Tony their boy king?

-Charitable donations.  Either Tony personally or the Maria Stark Foundation.  Maybe something about Tony taking care of wounded veterans or survivors of the attack on him in Afghanistan?

-Death threats (or kidnapping threats.  I'm not picky).  Same reasoning as stalkers or bodyguards.  No way do they not exist.  Attempts work too.

-Tony spoiling the team rotten with gifts.  The man can certainly afford it.

-Business travel.

-Stories where Tony actually lives a pretty simple life given how much he is worth.  It is canon he spends most of his time in the lab living on coffee and takeout.  I have trouble picturing him having an extremely lavish home life.  Comfort yes, excessively complex food and personal living spaces, no.

-Other aspects of life as Tony Stark.  Any pairings or gen is great.  I'd love for the Avengers to play a significant role.  Stunned Avengers would be even better.  Lol.

So, like I said.  Odd request but I've really been craving stories that address some of these things.  Whether they are little mentions in a larger story or a focus would be great.  Thanks all!

Loki known as Barefoot Guy

Loki is living in an apartment in NYC. He doesn't socialize but he does go out for walks. Since he rarely remembers to put on shoes, even in winter, he becomes known in the neighborhood as Barefoot Guy. When NYC is attacked and there is damage/fighting in his neighborhood, he goes out to help because they may be mortals but they're his mortals.

I'm almost positive this was on Archive of Our Own.