March 15th, 2013

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looking for crossovers. of a sort.

Hola friends and fellow countrymen. I have a kinda broad request, but does anyone know of any good movie!verse/comic!verse crossovers? Preferably set in the 616 comic!verse, and also preferably focused on Tony, but I'll take anything. I just want stories that have those two universes colliding in some way, like someone from the movie!verse getting thrown into the comic!verse or vice-versa. Even though the characters are all based on each other, they're all variations of each other so there are differences, which I think are super interesting, so yeah. I'm interested in seeing people's takes on, for instance, movie!Tony getting thrown into the 616!verse, or anything like that. So yeah, if you know of any, send them my way? Thanks a bunch in advance! :D
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Loki Scepters Stark

Heya! I'm looking for fic in which Loki's attempt to lay the Tesseract whammy on Stark works. I was rewatching that great scene between the two of them in Tony's penthouse, and was struck by how terrified Tony looks for that instant when the scepter first touches his chest. Does anyone know of an AU in which Tony, however briefly, succumbs to The Dark Side?

Thanks for your help!