March 19th, 2013

Gentle Rose

Bucky/Nat (?) Fanart (+Fanfic?), and Red Room-themed Bucky and Nat recs (pairing or gen)

Hello, my lovelies! :)

I'm looking for a Bucky and Nat centric piece of fanart which had either some dialogue with the art and/or a fic with it (I'm pretty sure it was Bucky/Nat, but not completely sure). The fanart had Bucky training a bunch of young recruits as the Winter Soldier, and the dialogue I remember is that Bucky was saying the reason why Natasha caught his eye/why he knew she would be better than everyone else is that unlike most of the other girls he was training along with her, when he moved Natasha was the only one to keep him in her line of sight the entire time.

And seeing as I'm here, are there any fics that focus on the Bucky and Natasha's relationship during their time in the Red Room, as a result of their time in the Red Room, and/or just related to their murky past in general? Can be Bucky/Nat, or they can be paired with others, or it can be gen, just as long as it explores their relationship.

Thank you! :D


I'd like to be hit right in the feels with any fics about how terribly sick Loki looks at the beginning of the Avengers movie. Seeing him like that gets me every time. Any pairings other than Thorki are cool with me, and so is gen! Thanks in advance!

mods, can we get a genre: angst and a movie: the avengers tag?
rainbow equality

LF: Sexualized Steve

i'm looking for a story that deals with Steve and sexuality both before and after the serum. i'm looking for stories that reflect his understanding of sex and how it translate into post-serum Steve's sexuality. Preferably, i'd love to see it as less than stellar experiences (rough, dub-conned, angsty) and have him behaving the same after he's stronger. i'd love to see it happening until somebody teaches him differently.

Pairings preferred: slash with anyone but Loki. i like switch-hitting. Thank you!

(apologies about tags- on the phone posting!)

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