March 27th, 2013

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Me again! Back for more Tony!whump, because honestly, what else is there? I thought I'd asked for this one before, but maybe not since I couldn't find an entry about it, so here goes: I am pretty certain I read this story on the kinkmeme, and the team gets captured (again, wow what a fandom, lol) and that whole shebang, but Tony ends up with his arc reactor plugged into a wall. Awww, poor baby. And he has to unplug himself to rescue the rest of them, because the rest of the team are in cells or something, but Tony is just chilling in the hallway, plugged into the wall. Rude kidnappers.

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Anyway, yeah, that's the gist of it. Anyone know what story I'm talking about? I think there were actually two I came across that followed that basic format, but in one Tony is far more BAMF so I'd really like to read that one again, but both are fine. ;) Thanks in advance for any help, my amigos! Also it's MCU. Thanks!
Hawkeye: Coulson's cellist

Multiple fic searches

I'm looking for two different but similar types of stories.

Type 1) I've seen some and love stories were Tony knows Tasha is a spy in IM2 and tells her that sometime after the avengers movie. I've seen these fics, I love them (Please rec more!), but it's not what I'm looking for now. I would really like read a fic where it's Pepper who comments it to Natasha that they knew.

Don't really care about the pairing, les, bi, slash 3some, moresome, don't care, just not PepperNat.

Type 2) In IM2 after Monaco, when Rhody comes by, and asks for Tony, Pepper sends him down and Natasha looks kind of surprised that Rhody gets access to Tony. I was wondering if someone could point me in a direction for a story where something similar is happening. But where Rhody gets access, the team doesn't.

Thanks for anything found really