March 30th, 2013

LF:Coulson is Stark's long lost brother

Hey all,

I think this was on AO3 but I haven't been able to find it. Tony was searching in Howard's documents and came across a copy of Phil's birth certificate and some photo's and goes to confront Phil with them. It was also Clint/Coulson. Any leads to this and any similar stories would be greatly appreciated.

thanx, Cali
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Looking for IM/IM2/Avengers AUs

Hi all! I'm looking for two groups of fics:

First, I don't know if these exist but I'm searching for any fics that have Pepper in the Rescue armor during the first two IM movies - or Rescue joining the Avengers alongside Ironman in the Avengers movie. Basically I'm looking for any fics that include Pepper as Rescue during any of the MCU movies. Thanks in advance!

Second, I would LOVE to read ANY Bucky/Tony fics out there. I would prefer a romance between just those two but if it's as a threesome or if it's just friendship that's fine too - but I really just am in the mood for any and all Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark stories out there. Also, if there's any fics set in any universe (MCU, comics, etc) focused on them as Winter Soldier & Iron Man, and then romance or attraction between them that'd be great too!

Asthmatic Steve

So I'm trying to find a fic where Steve is still asthmatic despite the super soldier serum. I'm not sure if I'm mixing up stories but I have a vague memory of it taking place of the course of his CA career (1940s then present with Avengers).

Any of asthmatic CA! stories would also be welcome or him with some of his preserum health problems still present.
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Bruce and Tony at the derby?

Hi all!

The first story I ever read on AO3 was about Bruce and Tony falling for each other and going to the Kentucky Derby (or some other horse race/rich people event with lots of photographers).  It was one of those "Bruce might Hulk out when we bone" plot lines.  I read it super late at night and loved it, and I've never seen it since!  Help!
shannon leto

Looking for a specific Darcy fic...

the bit I remember at the moment is where Darcy is going through the SHIELD versionof boot camp, and manages to impress Fury, Hill and Clint. (Fury for creative interpretation of the order to take someone own, she uses PVC pipe instead of a gun, Hill while debating Tony with her fellow trainees, and Clint by flashing him her boobs as a distraction tactic when he tries to ambush her in a hallway- after which she kicks him in the balls.) They, and Sitwell, decide to make her Coulson's assistant. Help, please?

EDIT: ...NEVER MIND, I FOUND IT. Five Things Darcy Loves About Working For SHIELD It's still a WIP, but it is awesome!