April 1st, 2013

Clint, learning disability, Tony

Clint has a learning disability (I am pretty sure it was dyslexia) but is very good a math and has a masters degree. Somehow the team learns about his dyslexia but not his math expertise. The only clear scene I remember is that Tony says something along the lines of "You can't read." and Coulson rips into him saying Clint has a masters in it and Tony feels like a dick.

specific Steve!whump fics

I have had a bad few days at work, and I really want to cheer up by reading some of my favorite Steve!whump. I'm looking for thegraytigress' s fic, specifically "Invincible" and "The Right Call". I can't find them, though. My bookmarks are from ff.net, but does anyone know where else I can find them? Or, even better, does anyone have a pdf or doc I can download to my e-reader? I would appreciate any help you can offer! Please comment or PM me if you have these stories!

EDIT: found! (Similar search posted previously, link available in comment below.)