April 2nd, 2013


Need help finding Clint/Coulson omega verse fic!

Hello! A while ago I read this perfect little omega verse fic, but i can't find it! I think it was on A03, but it may be on ff.net.
I remember these things about the fic:
-omega verse
-clint/coulson and tony/steve were pairings
-clint was adopted at an early age as Tony's brother
-both of Tony's parents were alive
-It takes place during halloween
-clint and coulson had a kid, i believe it was a daughter
-they go to a halloween party at Stark Tower after trick or treating
-Clint's felt like he was going into heat all day, but was trying to hold out for his daughter so she could go trick or treating, etc
-Clint finally goes into heat, and either Tony and Steve, or Tony's parents offer to take their daughter
-they go back home and decided that they want to try for another baby, so they don't take contraceptives

Gentle Rose

Two Specific Fics - ABO fic with omega!Tony, and Steve and Thor go shopping

Two specific fics:

1.) A fic where omega!Tony goes into heat when alpha!Pepper isn't there. She and he give consent for the Avengers to gangbang him to keep him sated, and Pepper shows up at the end. Tony ends up pregnant, with one kid from all of the alphas.

2.) Just a scene in a fic, I think - Steve and Thor are out shopping. They see a bunch of Avenger-themed cufflinks, but none are themed after Natasha/The Black Widow. Thor asks why, and Steve explains it's probably something to do with the fact cufflinks are usually only worn by men.

Please and thank you!