April 5th, 2013

shannon leto

Looking for a Clint & Tony centric fic

I'm gonn a be bouncing between the bits I remember, but Tony has an actual medical degree/license to practice, He and Clint are best friends at first meeting, Tony's pretty glass bottle of alcohol is actually tea, Coulson is alive, and it turns out that Coulson, Clint and Tony all ended up part of an experiment to recreate the super-soldier serum as kids. Help please?

EDIT: Found! It's http://archiveofourown.org/series/29671.  Thanks argeneau!

Searching for a Bruce Fic

I'm on the hunt for a specific Bruce fic I read awhile ago. All I can remember about it is that the Avengers (I think it may have been Tony first) notice that Bruce isn't eating or isn't eating enough (because he can last for long periods of time without having to eat), and in the end sit him down and make him eat until he's full, which leads to him out eating both the Cap and Thor.