April 8th, 2013

One specific and two general searches

Hello, everyone!
i'm new to the community and i'm hoping you guys can help me.

1- I've been looking for a fic i read last year and I can't seem to find it in my bookmarks. I'm not sure if it was just sciencebros or Bruce/Tony. All i can remember is that the Stark Tower (?) was attacked and the building was collapsing and Bruce hulked out so he can protect Tony. The author described the Hulk kneeling over tony to shield him from the falling stones and the rest of the team was trying to get them out. Does anyone know this story?

2- When Tony was telling Bruce that the Hulk was protecting him, when he told him he would be suiting up with the rest of them, when he told Cap that Bruce would show up to fight and when he suspected that Fury was up to something, it struck me that Tony might actually be the wisest of them all. He acts like a child but i think he's mostly hiding what he knows. i also suspect he knew that Black Widow was a spy in Iron Man 2 because of the way he looked at her when they first met. So, I'd like to read something where he surprises people with his wisdom and how much he actually knows.

3- Stories that explain why Tony does things. Maybe he drinks to calm his over-active brain (which i'm sure can be overwhelming)? Maybe he tries to piss people off to test them or something? and If you have any stories where someone realizes that Tony does things for a reason, that would be awesome!

- I prefer Movie!verse
- I'm okay with Gen and all pairings.

Thank you :]

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There was a story I read I think on AO3.

It was Clint/Coulson, but the premise was that Coulson was late for work, so Hill sent the Avengers to check out his apartment, which had been broken into, and Clint lived there but wasn't an Avenger because he was in a wheelchair. But still managed to fight off the attackers pretty well. Any ideas?


Also a Clint/Tony where the start up being friends with benefits after a conversation where Tony doesn't believe Clint is as flexible as he says he is.

Steve accidentally hits Tony, Clint living in conference room, general Clint & Tony recs

I'm looking for 2 specific fics and 1 general search.  The first one is Steve/Tony and might be part of a longer series.  The scene I remember has Steve accidentally hitting Tony while Tony is trying to wake him from a nightmare.  When Tony sees the giant bruise on his face in the morning, he leaves before Steve wakes up because he's afraid if Steve sees it he'll blame himself and won't sleep with Tony anymore.  I think Tony goes to SI and has Pepper send him on a last minute business trip or something?  Found. Link in comments.

I can't remember if there were pairings for the second fic or not. For the part I remember, Clint was living in a conference room at SHIELD because he couldn't get back into the barracks until he was cleared as not being a danger anymore.  I think he had made a blanket nest on a table and was eating Cheetos or something when Tony found him and brought him back to the tower.  I believe this was the start of one of those "the Avengers all come to live together at the tower" fics. Found. Link in comments.

And finally any other fics with Tony & Clint friendship, specifically Clint being kind of a mess after Loki and Tony helping him out.