April 12th, 2013

LF:No rescue attempts for kidnapped Tony

Hey All,.

this one might be tricky. Shortly after Tony n Pepper break up, Tony disappears. Instead of searching for him someone(Fury, Natasha, Hill?) tells the Avengers he is just of sulking at a tropical resort. Thus no efforts to locate or rescue him. As you can imagine he is VERY pissed. Last I saw it it was a W.I.P It may also originally have been on Avengerkink but I don't know. I didn't see it in their W.I.P. file.

hope you can help, and thanks in advance to any who try.

Looking for Clint Fics

So Hi :)

I'm Looking for Clint Barton centric fics, you know the fics where Nathasha is very recognized as the badass that she is, but is always is made seen like she es very superior to Clint, and is awesome, but i would really like to see a fic where Barton is a totally BAMF assassin and just plain awesome agent/spy/assassin. I mean he was in SHIELD before Natasha so, and if you can recommend something like that would be great! It would be great if there were a team interaction, and any pairings is cool or no pairing at all.

Thanks! :D