April 13th, 2013


Tony/Steve, Tony/Other

I am looking for a fic where Steve and Tony are in a relationship (married? a ring is an important part of the story, but it may have been Tony was just going to ask, I can't remember). It ends badly, and all the avengers assume that Tony cheated on Steve. Really, Steve cheated on Tony, but he doesn't tell the other Avengers that, so Tony leaves and goes to Malibu. Tony meets someone else and has a fulfilling relationship with hime, but he later dies (cancer, I think). Eventually Steve tells the rest of the team what really happened, and comes to try and win Tony back. Tony is unwilling at first, but I think he does eventually agree to give Steve another chance.


Found! By some lovely nonnie.

The Fallen Spark by Ilerre

FOUND: SI has a room full of Tony's patents

I'm looking for a fic which had a scene where Pepper was showing Steve a room in SI which contained plaques(?) for all of Tony's patents. The first one was from Tony was ridiculously young and was for a grip for a handgun. As far as I can remember Tony wasn't even aware the room existed. I'm pretty sure this was just one little scene in much longer fic, but I can't remember which one. Chances are pretty good it was a Tony/Steve fic.

Sound familiar to anyone?

And of course if anyone has any recs for any other stories which hit on the multitude of inventions Tony is responsible for and the amount of patents he holds I will love you forever. :)
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So I read way to much fanfiction and I feel like I've tapped out AO3 and FF.net when it comes to avengers fics. I'm looking for recs for stories (the longer the better) that live elsewhere on the web and aren't mirrored there. Livejournal, dreamwidth, etc.

Stony, FrostIron and gen are my poisons of choice, but I'll read anything as long as it's good.

Universe doesn't really matter either, MCU, 616, whatever.