April 15th, 2013


Tony/Steve adoption ficsearch

I can't remember the name or author, but I am 100% sure I read it on ao3 sometime in the last six months.

There's some thing, and all these tears into alternate realities are happening. At some point they come into.possession of a kid from one if these rips, who.turns out to be the kid of alternate Steve and Tony. When they pinpoint what world it is that caused the rips to happen, they discover Iron Woman, the babies mum, who is dying?dead?something.

That's all I remember of the fix. Sorry about spelling, doing this on the phone.

If anybody can help.me.with this that would be awesome.

Steve draws a webcomic

Okay, I literally only remember one thing from this fic: Steve draws a webcomic about a guy that time travels through the different decades that Steve was in the ice for. Natasha finds out (after she sees some research Steve printed out?) and comments on the comic saying it needs more female characters. So Steve writes her into it.

I'm pretty sure it was only a small part of a larger fic.

Secret Identities by copperbadge

Looking for a Civil War AU

I read this story so long ago so I don't remember much about it.

1. It was  civil war au
2.Tony from the end of the war went back in time to when he was talking to Steve before he died.
3. He saves Steve and convinces him to take him to the Resistance hide out
4. the fight the Skulls near the end
5. at one point tony thinks he's lost his mind

any one know this one?