April 20th, 2013


Hey guys!

I'm having a really tough time recently, both with family and with work, and I was wondering if you could recommend me fics in which Loki did what I desperately want to do, and just ran away. As in, from Asgard. He decided that he'd had more than enough of everyone's BS, and that he wasn't scared to get out of a place which was like poison to him. I don't care where he goes. I'm just looking for Loki being happier, anywhere else but Asgard. I don't even need him to have run away, even if he'd been kidnapped, or banned, or tried to kill himself off the rainbow bridge. Just, Loki, looking out for himself, and getting away. It's a bit of a vague request, but I'll take anything that even falls roughly within the description. Kinda like the Housemates 'Verse by Coneycat.

I'm partial to frostiron, but I'll generally take what I can get.

Anything at all? I'll take it? Pretty please and thank you in advance.

Lady Merlin

Steve/Tony: Steve joins gay rights picket

Hi! I'm looking for this fic where Steve saves someone in a picket line from a homophobic person and then ends up joining the protest. And generally being sweet and patriotic at the same time. I think I remember Tony strolling by and helping out too and he may or may not have a martini.

In general, I would also welcome fics where Steve is supporting gay rights and American values and maybe charming the media with his charming.

Thanks to teyke Phil Coulson is Not the Avengers' Public Relations Manager by Scifigrl47 is found!