April 22nd, 2013

oh noes

The warriors 3+sif suffers consequenses

I read a challenge (it was answered... or a very long prompt on one of the memes) some time ago; where the warriors 3 + sif suffers the consequences of first swearing themselves to Loki as King... and then breaking that Oath when they went to Thor instead despite him denying them (magic or something like that - not a normal punishment by Odin++). Thor is shocked when he sees them (Fandral loosing weight/unable to eat, Sif blind (might remember that one wrong) or at least loosing what she places the highest++) and hears of what has been going on... Anyone knows the story/challenge++??

Whumped Tony, hiding injuries fic search

I'm looking for any fics where Tony is sick/injured in some way, and hides it from the team. I'd love it if the person/one of the people who finds out/helps him is Bruce, and Bruce gets all doctorly and angry at Tony for neglecting himself.
Also, any fics at all where Bruce acts as Tony's doctor would be great : )
Thanks : )