April 28th, 2013


Searching for a Clint/Coulson Fic

Hi, I am searching for a Clint/Coulson fic that I am quite sure was on AO3. Clint and Coulson were together, and their relationship was one of the cornerstones of Natasha's trust in SHEILD (or something to that effect). However, after the movie with Coulson was dead, Natasha was upset to realise that Clint didn't seemed to be overly upset that Coulson was dead. In fact, he kept sneaking off somewhere and having calls with someone. Natasha thought it was because Clint was ordered to be with Coulson and he was glad that Coulson was dead and he didn't have to pretend anymore and accused him of such. She later trailed him to a hotel room where she found out that Coulson wasn't dead, he was just very badly injured and was recovering (that's where Clint was sneaking off to), and they just hadn't told everyone else yet. Natasha later apologised to Clint. Does anyone know which fic it was please? Thank you.

Natasha with a maternal side?

Do you know of any fics where Natasha - contrary to her usual portrayal in fanfic - has a maternal side and generally enjoys interacting with kids? I don't care if she has them, wants them (even if she acknowledges it's not a good idea with her job), or just enjoys the time and is then happy to send 'em back to the parents after.

I'm good with any pairing except Nat/Loki.


Searching for Loki Fics

Hey, I am searching for 2 fics.

1. This one i can barely remember, The Summary goes something like this: Odin dies in the Odinsleep, Thor is banished and Loki must learn to be king... (that is all i remember of it) Key pieces I remember is that Frigga helps Loki by talking W3+Sif to stop them from going to Thor. Loki visits Thor from time to time and gives him a blue stone (?) Loki also talks to Sif, only to find out later that it was not Sif but an impostor (frost giant i think.) I am not 100% sure, i might be mixing up my stories (i have read loads, its hard to keep track) I am sure that I read it on AO3.

2. This Story is called Redemption Song by Helenoftroy and it WAS on Fanfiction.net but it was abandoned and deleted but it was such a brilliant story even though it was only 11 chapters (i think). I just wondered if the storie is posted somewhere else or someone has a copy of it... the story is about Loki helping Thor who lost his hammer to the frost giant Thrym(?), Loki was awesomely written, his magic and his unstable thoughts and feelings and his interactions with the Avengers... I really want to read it again even though its abandoned. <<< if you find stories similar to this one I would be happy to read them. =]

Edit: First fic has been found! Thanks Sarcasticval =)
loves bitch

searching for a darcy fic

what I remember if that the avengers are at a charity thing to help raise money, can't remember if it was to pay for damages or sick kids or something

Darcy has been asked to be the PR/Helper, she the see some girls from high school that has married well and used to bully her

what I do remember is that each of the avengers danced with Darcy, and there was a point were you could get a picture taken with the avengers and Tony rejects the bullies and refunds the donation the paid to get the picture taken

please help me find this