April 29th, 2013

Sam the Eagle

Specific Steve fic + recs?

1. A specific story I believe I read on AO3--it had something about Steve mentioning to the team that "This is pretty much the first time in my whole life I've had enough to eat," and he was doing it mostly to distract Tony from brooding about something I think.

2. Rec request: anything that deals with Steve being the youngest member of the team.

3. Specific / recs: I remember reading a fic or two about the Army experimenting on Steve to see what the serum did to it--idk if it was 2 stories or 2 parts of one story, but Howard was running tests on him, and then the Avengers found out and Steve was kinda like "well, I am Army property. how did u think they discovered my limits?" and they were super pissed off. Any recs about similar stories (dealing with Steve being experimented on/ tested by the military) are yay~!
Nosy Parker Hides

Post Avengers film - Steve rescues Loki from Thor

I'm back to try again! I'm looking for a post Avengers film fic. I remember that, at the beginning of the story, Loki is in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and Thor goes to see him. The other Avengers, watching on a security camera I think, realize that Thor is about to rape Loki (cue cultural differences and misunderstandings). Steve pulls Thor off of Loki.

Found by graculus: A Kindness
by Potboy.