April 30th, 2013


Extremis!Tony.. comic canon Tony

Extremis!Tony..okay getting canon pangs here I was looking for Extremis!Tony or mostly robotic!Tony cause yea his canon story(at least the comic version) line heads in the direction of robocop..only mostly robot and less cop.

Also who knows what serum they used on Fury, and did they give it to Dum Dum as well cause he as well as Fury were supposed to around since WWII. and are any fics that address this.

I don't care care if the fics are slash, gen or het..thank you.
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I am looking for a Steve/Bucky fic that has preSerum!Steve. It had something to do with multiple orgasms or maybe Bucky milking Steve - making him come and come until he couldn't anymore. It's not the micropenis one, I don't think (unless there is more than one of those)...

It might have be on one of the kinkmeme's, but I've been searching and no dice.

Anyone have an idea?
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Protective!Avengers of Loki

I am looking for a fic I saw on AO3. It's post movie and the avengers have gone with Thor and Loki to Asgard for Loki's trial. Odin strips Loki of his Aesir disguise and Loki is in his Jotun body. The Avengers are appalled at how Loki is actually a child, but is treated like an adult. They are protective of Loki and basically call Odin on his shitty parenting. Anyone recognize this? Thanks so much!
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searching for my homegirl, darcy lewis & bruce banner

hey, all!

sooo, this is a longshot, but I'm looking for a fic that was on tumblr a while back. Darcy/Bruce, in which Darcy gets kidnapped and Clint rescues her, and there's jealousy on Bruce's end- I think he assumes Darcy and Clint (who become close friends) are together and backs off. I don't remember much else but Darcy becomes determined not to let anyone else kidnap her, and trains physically to become this super ass-kicking badass.

if anyone has any leads/knows what on earth I'm talking about I will loooove you.

thank you! <3