May 1st, 2013


the avengers discover coulson is alive
they go to where he is,he is asleep.
when he wakes up he is desoriented and agitated because he hasn't seen clint who is hiding in the shadows
natasha tell coulson that she got clint back and when he sees clint after natasha told barton to "get over there,it's not about you" coulson calms down(i think he thinks clint was dead).
clint grab coulson's hand and says "hey sir,where the hell have you been?"
could you help me i would reaaly like to find it?

Searching for BAMF Clint/Phil fic - stranded in a hostile country

I'm looking for a specific fairly long Clint/Phil fic set pre-Avengers. Clint and Phil are on a covert(?) mission in a hostile country when everything goes south. They're possibly captured in the beginning, and have to escape and get out of the country while being pursued and without help from SHIELD. I think they escape in a vehicle which crashes and Clint(?) is severely injured and Phil has to get a reluctant local family to hide him while he finds a telephone to make a coded phone call to Fury, which is compromised. So then Phil gets captured and an injured Clint has to save him, and they eventually make it to safety.
Sorry for the rambling description but does anyone know which fic this is?

Edit: FOUND, link in comments

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