May 2nd, 2013

Steve had lied about his age and is still a minor

I just read these two stories

Age Before Beauty by Tatsumaki_sama


Age Play by laylabinx

wherein it was discovered Steve had lied about his age when he entered the army and is still (at the time of the Avengers movie) a minor. They were both excellant and I would love to read more like these. I know it's not a common theme (the only others I recall reading were in The Sentinel and Stargate SG1 fandoms quite some time ago) but if anyone can turn up any (with any of the characters) I would very much appreciate it.

Hi guys


I hope you lovely people could help a girl out? I'm looking for fics in which Loki is truly and utterly the Very BEST at magic, and he demonstrates it. Like how when Thor fights, he's really at the top, and he's beautiful because in his hand his weapon is like art. I want Loki wielding magic so skilfully that it takes everyones breath away, and that he is not evil in that moment, or good either, just powerful, and with a purpose.

I know I'm asking for a lot but it basically boils down to a very magically skilful Loki. Just. Ridiculously BAMF. So BAMF he out-BAMFs everyone else. Yes?

Thanks in advance!