May 5th, 2013


Deaged Tony

Halp! I've been looking for this one for weeks now, been through all the deaged tags on AO3 and still failed to find it.

Tony (and maybe some others?) are deaged. Specifically in this fic, Tony and Pepper are together and Pepper's pregnant. She turns up then laughs saying she's already got one baby Stark to look after so she's not going to babysit two of them and they're on their own.

I thought it was on AO3, but since I can't find it there, might have been LJ?

Tony/Loki fic that I can't find

Help needed please

I’m looking for a particular fic. It is a Tony/Loki. I can only remember one scene and it is driving me crazy not being able to find it.

The scene I remember is after Loki spent the night at Tony’s they get up in the morning and the Avengers are in Tony’s kitchen. Well Tony is all “you guys have to leave like right now” the others realise that Tony has someone over and Tony don’t want to say it is a guy and he really don’t want them to find out that it is Loki. Loki comes out but he changed his appearance so that the others don’t recognise him.

So any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Everyone was a chef

Hi! I'm looking for a sort-of fic I was in the middle of reading on tumblr before tumblr crashed on me. For some reason, I can't find it on my dashboard again.

It's where everyone was like a chef. Steve was specially trained at a high end in the culinary arts but decides to make affordable and healthy foods for the poor--something with bran? And Tony was like "you're THAT Steve Rogers"? Bruce is also a chef and would 'hulk out' by swearing in French??? There may have been some cooking in the dark (literally) and secret menus by Natasha and Clint.

Thanks in advance!

specific fic search

I read a fic when I was just getting into this fandom and not ready to commit to bookmarking yet. Basically the Avengers guys get trapped by some big bad and there's this gas that makes them all really horny and violent (except Tony because he's in his suit) and they gangrape Tony. It was terribly angsty and hurty and oh so good. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Also, any fic where for one reason or another Tony is abused/raped/attacked by one of the others?