May 6th, 2013


Specific fics and general searches

Hey guys, I've lost a few fics, and I'm searching for a few fics to satisfy a craving. Can ya'll help?

1) For some reason, Steve was repeatedly abused, and prior to the Avenger team. After the Avengers formed, he was musing that by having the more nutrients and not starving, he was actually healing quicker. Unfortunately, there's not much more I recall about the fic, just that scene, so I'm having trouble finding it. FOUND

2) Clint has HIV, and he ends up speaking at some charity event about it? FOUND

3) Any sick fics? I know the canon is that Thor, Bruce and Steve can't get sick, and I don't see Natasha doing much differently if she's ill, so I was going to ask for Tony and Clint, but if you have one where the others get sick, by all means, I'll happily take it! ^_^

4) Well-written Thor-with-a-baby fics, be it his own or another. I am putting the stipulation of well-written on this one… I’ve read a few where Jane gets pregnant and they have Thor “Well, how could this have happened?” deal. Pretty sure an Asgardian as old as he is has some inkling of how sex works.

5) Anything with Loki and his kids, preferably not super-angst? Not sure if I’ll get hits on this one.

6) Clint/Coulson, Clint/Natasha/Coulson, Tony/Steve/Bucky, Tony/Pepper/Steve or Tony/Pepper/Bruce that AREN’T on Ao3. I’ve exhausted those tags over there, so I’m starting to branch out elsewhere looking for these.

You guys are absolutely awesome, thank you so much!!

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Hey there everyone!

i should be studying but I'm looking for science boyfriend fics in which actually, Bruce is the one who starts it, and goes after tony. I totally understand how tony is normally the pursuer and why Bruce would normally refuse but I think there might be some fics where Bruce is characterized differently? And maybe tony is taken aback, or doesn't want to take advantage of Bruce, or something. Anything! I hope you can help!

Thanks in advance!


ps sorry for the dodgy formatting I'm on my phone!
no shame

i thought of it as a confusion fic...

So I have no idea where I got this fic the first time...

Thor is about 10 when he meets his 'brother' Loki the first time. Thor is convinced they got it wrong, they meant sister, not brother. Loki is a boy and Thor thinks he's a girl, and goes about trying to impress his beautiful sister.

Searching for FIc


Newbie here. Anyway, I once read an avengers movie night fic and during one of the movies (it was a multi chaptered fic I think) it was discovered that Steve might have been sexually assaulted or raped in boot camp before the serum. Does anyone know what fic I am talking about? I would love to reread it (especially since it was a WIP then and maybe it is finished now)

2 General Fic Searches and a Question

(First, I LOVE bromances, so I prefer gen, but slash is fine: preferably Steve/Tony or Bruce/Tony.)

1) Okay, so it's 100% canon in the comics that Tony is an alcoholic, but the movies haven't really directly addressed it yet (here's to hoping they will!). I would love to read any/all fics that deal with either Tony's alcoholism or any other form of substance addiction.

2) Any/all fics that are post-Iron Man 3. Especially dealing with the angst and the epilogue.

And the question: Where should I look to find an Avengers beta?

Thanks in advanced! :)

LF 2 Clint/coulson

Hello All,

I have been reorganizing my bookmarks and am missing a few.

1)Coulson is actually twins who split shifts. Clint can tell them apart by their expressions and musical tastes but thinks it's just mood not twins.

2)Coulson is drunk and Clint takes him home. He tells Clint how he was voted "best ass of S.H.I.E.L.D. and how he wants to bite it. Coulson then leaves himself a voicemail before passing out.

I would be so grateful if anyone can help me find these. I highly recommend both,especially number 2.

Thanks in advance for any attempts to find them.


Hello Everyone!

This is a search which was posted on another search forum, and it's got a few of us quite interested in reading this fic. I'm taking the liberty to cross post it, in the hope that someone finds it.

"Looking for a story that I think was posted on one of the memes. The warriors three and Sif visit Earth where Thor is thrilled to introduce them to his new comrades. There is only one problem, they treat the avengers like shit due to their "sneaky honor-less ways."

The Avengers end up coming to the conclusion that Thor's generation is made up of trust fund babies and that Loki is the only reason they haven't gotten killed before now."

I'm hoping that someone out there knows which fic this is?

Thanks in advance!