May 8th, 2013

Thorki, Thunderfrost Mpreg

I just two days ago started reading a fic with Thor and Loki as the main couple. Loki gets disowned so that he and Thor can get married. After the marriage Loki and Sif have this conversation that goes
loki: I stole him from you.
Sif: No I had Frigga scry the future and it was a barren one.

Then Thor hangs something up on a hook and everyone who has been in the room leaves.

Loki gets this fertility potion from Frigga and another he says Thor will need to use later.

Thor: Lust?

Loki: Stamina

I swear it was like 2,000 words on AO3 akak An Archive of Our Own.

I would really like to find this please help!