May 9th, 2013

2 specific fics; just dialogs

Hi! I'm looking for two fics, from which I remember only some dialogs. They are probably Steve/Tony, but maybe not.

1. Steve and Toni wasn't getting along, but then Steve learned about Tony's physical disadvantages, such as reduced lung capacity and so on. And hence, dialog:
Steve says to Tony: "I thought you are bully".
Tony: " That's because I am".
Steve: "No, you're really not".

2. Tony asks Steve: "Was you ever been tortured?"
Steve: "No".
Tony: "Then you only one in this room".
And I do not remember any other details in this one.

Found, links in comments
The Last

Coulson comes back as a cloud of nanobots?

I'm looking for a fic, I know it's on AO3 because I know I commented on it. Of course, now I can't find it.

I think there was a fight in a warehouse? And something was going on in the warehouse with some new weapon and it got Coulson? And then later Clint is going by Coulson's office and that's when he finds out the weapon like, scattered Coulson's consciousness and he ended up in tiny little robots? Or maybe Coulson wasn't there, but that was something that happened off screen, I'm not sure.

Mostly I only remember the nanobot part well, but I know Clint was the other main character in the fic , and it might have been pre-slash Clint/Coulson.

ETA: FOUND, thanks to bbuttercup It's softly and suddenly vanish away by Sidney Sussex.
Steve's shoulder

Lost Steve/Tony fic

I don't remember much about this fic, except that it was Steve/Tony, Steve's POV, and there's a specific line that goes something like "Steve realized that Tony's slickest armor wasn't his suit," the implication being that it was his brain/wit/verbal defense mechanisms. It was also probably a post-Avengers, first-time, get-together type fic. I'm 90% sure I read it on AO3.

Thanks for your help!

Aaaand nevermind! Because it was a fic that was just found--(First Impressions Are) A Work in Progress--and that I actually had open at the time. In my defense, I hadn't gotten to that part yet ;)

Science Bros are official fic search

Hi all,
Having recently read a fic where Tony gives Bruce half his company(No more going it alone by Zphal, and one where Tony marries Bruce to make him a public figure(a marriage of convenience by enigmaticblues, I'm now hankering for any longish, domestic fics between Tony and Bruce, either friendship, slash, or threesome, that show the two integrating their lives-living together, being awesome together, basically being better together than they ever could have been apart, and realizing it. I'd particularly love any fics that show the two in the public spotlight, as a couple or whatever, emphasize how good Tony is with the hulk, etc. Also, if anyone knows of any other fics where the two get married, or where Tony gives Bruce part of the company, I'd be ecstatic : )
Also, any fics where Bruce acts as Tony's doctor in any capacity would be great : )
Thanks-sorry for the long request, but I need my science bros : )
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Lost one Loki short story

I was pretty sure this was on AO3, but I've had no luck - What I can remember is a boy is scared of something that no-one else can see, until Loki spots it and blasts it with fire. It turns out that it's a malevolent teddy-bear demon thing, and an exchange student had played "hitori kakurenbo" in the house and summoned the spirit into the bear, not remembering the child was still there and it found him. Loki becomes the kid's hero, and I think there was a placebo-pebble thing  - the monster had no power if you didn't believe it did, so Loki gave the kid a pebble and said it would keep him safe.