May 10th, 2013

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(Teenage) genius Tony

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for any type of story that is Tony-centric and happens pre-Iron Man or in a not-superhero!au, which deals with Tony being a genius.

Preferably him in school/university and maybe teachers/classmates dealing with him? I would love some outsider POV or maybe even little!tony and his parents finding out that he's a genius? Or having other people having to confront JARVIS and being overwhelmed (or even being baffled at his engineering/mechanic skills after he takes over the company)

LF Specific Fic


I've spent 2 days looking for this story and I CAN"T FIND IT!!!! *sobs* And it is driving me insane.

Thor shows up and at Tony's lab and asks him to build a container. They go to a cave where Loki is tied up with the whole snake dripping venom scene. Loki has been badly damaged by the venom and Thor has been able to do anything to help him. There is a spell that if Thro does anything to help Loki he will be banned from the cave. The container is used to redirect the venom away from Loki. Steve and Bruce also help. The put pillows for Loki to lie on so he can be more comfy and they feed and heal him.

Please!! Somebody save my sanity!!!


I'm searching for this specific story ,It was a crossover bet. Thor and the Avengers on ,I think Darcy and Fury were playing matchmaker to the avengers so they made them drunk and recorded them on Darcy's camera ,it was Thorki,Stony,Clint/Coulson ,(Natasha/(Sif)/Jane) and Rhodey was screaming something about poor penguins
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Thor/Loki/Tony search fic Help!


I'm into this fandom for like 2 weeks and I need some good recs that have:

-Long fics, more than 15.000 words;
-Pairing: Thor/Loki/Tony, where we have Loki right in the middle, if you understand:D
-If is possible for Loki to be smaller than the 2 of them, like a sub or something like that;
-It can be a fem!Loki if the fic is good written and not just smut!
-It can have mpreg, I actually love it! Ohh~ and maybe the soulmates!theme! I didn't read any fic that have this specific theme;
-Loki accepts that he is a Jotun and he looks hot in blue color:D
-I also love a good!Father! Laufey!..and maybe some hate for Odin! I kinda hate him...
-ALSO! I hate fics that have Loki with 100000+kids yeah...I only need a sane!healthy!pretty!virgin!Loki!:)) That says it all:))

Hope there are some fics that have something similar ^_^
I'm really begging for some fics, right now!

Sorry for any mistakes! English is not my native language>.< Unfortunately...
Gratitude!(hehe) and have mercy!