May 11th, 2013

  • sahiya

Looking for a fic - Coulson from an AU ends up in the Avengers' 'verse

I'm looking for a really awesome fic that involved Coulson from an AU in which everyone died - all the Avengers, Fury, etc. - getting sent to the Avengers' 'verse through a magical device that restores lost things (I think). He and Clint weren't together in Coulson's home universe, but they were in the Avengers' 'verse. Anyone know it?


Vampire Fics

Hello everyone!
I'm looking for some vampire fic with anybody from the team get turned. Personaly prefer Vamp!Tony but it's not necessarily. If it's possible in canon universe not middel ages AU. You know simple story about turning and interacting with others or something like that.
Thanks guys!