May 12th, 2013

Jason Todd, Bucky Barnes

Lost prompt

Hope this is allowed, as it isn't strictly a lost fic.
I know where the fic is, it's on my computer, but I can't find the prompt I was writing it for and I want to check I'm remembering/following the promptee's requests.

the prompt was for Howard Stark making Fury promise to protect his son soon after the First Arc reactor (the big one) is designed. Fury keeps an eye on Tony and makes a few problems go away, but doesn't really think much of it, until Tony tries to fly the bomb into the void. then he recognises that what Howard was asking him to protect TOny from was his own self scaraficing tendancies. Think it was on Avengers Kink, but I can't find it.
If you recognise your prompt or know where I can find it, please let me.
Phantom's Mask

The best Hawkeye fic

Hi! I'm looking for the best that the net has to offer of Hawkeye fic.
I'm completely in love with Jeremy Renner, and hence, with almost all characters he has played.
I've found some good fic on, but I find it tiring to weed out the slash and shipping.
I want some good, gen, hurt/comfort, friendship, family, angsty fic. I saw the Hurt!Clint tab, but there is no Kidnapped!Clint tab. Is it possible to add one. I love a good Kidnapping fic, and Clint is my victim of choice.
They say you always hurt the one you love....

Anyways, not interested in slash. Nothing personal, just feel its getting a little too cliche. Too much of it out there that its getting boring. And, I don't find it interesting.

If you recommend any ClintTasha, please be sure it is not the focus of the fic. I'm not really a shipper of them, but I'm okay with it as long as its in the backround.
I love, love, love cross over fics with Jeremy Renner's other movies where it turns out he's long lost brothers with characters such as Will Brandt from Mission Impossible, and Aaron Cross from Bourne Legacy.

My favorite friendships fics are with Clint and Tony, although I also enjoy fics with Bruce/Hulk, and Steve. Loki is good only if he is still the bad guy.
Natasha is cool, but I like then as a strong friendship and partnership, not in a romantic sense.

I'm not a comic reader, so my knowledge of Avengers if from the movies only. I don't care about comic canon.

Thanks in advance for your help.