May 13th, 2013

steve is a student

hi y'all~

in need of help searching for lost fics

1. steve goes back to college. i remember abt clint sitting in one of his class first. and steve uses roger stevens(?) as his alias.

2. no college-bound steve, but an angsty fic where tony watched steve being lonely, saving the city of ny from crimes. steve got shot and tony tend to the injury.

and perhaps rec on what steve do when he's not being captain america.

thank you!

Avengers turned into kids, Clint extremely shy

I'm looking for a specific fic: The Avengers are all turned into kids (how? I don't remember...) and Coulson has to look after them. Clint is extremely shy (afraid of adults because of troubled childhood? could be...) and even shaking like a leaf at some point in the story. Instead of bathing them, Coulson lets them play in a pool with bubbles, but Clint just sits on the edge of it. Coulson later manages to get him wet and Clint allows him to help him change, but is still trembling; I think he starts to open up later on... I'm not really sure, but I think it was two parts, something like that, and not finished (yet)... Help me, please :)