May 17th, 2013


genfic search: Loki amnesiac

okay I am looking for some Loki Amnesia fics. I would like for them to be either before the avengers and after thor or after the avergers. nothing stupid. and that means not crack fics. I would love to have Thor or Steve be his advocate but to be honest I'll go for any one. just find me some.

please and thank yous

SpecFic Steve/Tony

I'm looking for a bdsm fic I read a lot of time ago. Unfortunately, I don't remember many details.
It's a bdsm universe, Tony is a sub, and has an horrible reputation with the SHIELD agents. I remember he leaves a man bound on the bed, and lets another one bark in a hallway of the helicarrier. Steve, the dom of the story, arrives to the rescue, trying to understand why Tony behaves like this.
I'm thanking everyone in advance.

PS: I put the tag kink:bdsm even if it's not a kink but an au