May 18th, 2013

I'm looking for Pretender-esque story cross over

Im looking for a story that I read years ago. It was a series. It was not quite a Pretender crossover, but the stories used from the show's themes  heavily.

  1. Clint used to be a Pretender

  2. they find the center and somehow tony ends up with all the kids

  3. he buys them a farm house

  4. they go shopping in Macy's everyone keeps thinking that tony is going to further fuck up the kids but he does great,

  5. Clint realizes that he worked through tony's kidnapping as a kid when he was a pretender,

  6. a lot of the kids were genetically Steve,

  7. Steve found out that tony was a twin i think but the twin dies of blue baby. .

  8. It is MCU verse

  9. It is not the one with the little girl clone of steve's that they name Maria after the civil war.

  10. It was posted on Archive of our own

I have very specific memories of a few scenes  but no memory of the actual plot. Any help would be awesome.

Looking for a few fics

Hi, I'm looking for a few different fics

1. Clint and Coulson are married or live together... The team doesn't know though, and one day Coulson doesn't come into work...the team arrives at his house shortly before he comes home having just rescued clint. I think maybe Clint was disabled in some way... Anyone know this or one like it?

2. Steve and Clint are locked up together. The cell is filthy and Clint gets sick while there. Steve tries to take care of him and keep him safe.

3. Any fics where Clint has trouble meshing with the team... Maybe he has social anxiety or something... Or low self esteem... The team my even be cold to him or exclude him... But then someone or somehow they find out how great clint really is, or how hard his life has been and things get better.

4. Any fics where team members are protective of clint!

thanks to anyone who responds!