May 20th, 2013


D/s universe

Hello! I'm looking for BDSM universe AUs with Tony and/or Clint as "difficult" subs who give interested doms trouble and so have a nasty reputation, when in actuality the doms are pushy assholes and Tony/Clint is simply taking care of himself and would in fact be wonderful to a good dom. Pairing preferences are Steve/Tony, Coulson/Clint, or OT6.
  • u2wwbd

Fic search Steve/tony

Someone please help! I can't find this fic. I thought it was in avengerkink but I have had no luck. Tony and Steve are together but tony thinks the team have been warning Steve to stay away from him since he's no good but in fact they were telling Steve not to hurt tony. I remember Natasha tells Steve how she had to recreate kidnappings and tony's was the only one in which she could fight back. Thanks in advance. Sorry for rambling :)
  • neqs

Tony and Steve meet pre-Avengers

I'm sorry, this is going to be very vague. I'm not sure if it's Tony/Steve or gen. What I remember is, pre-Avengers Steve goes out on runs, goes into a cafe/bar, and meets Tony, who's thrilled that Steve doesn't recognise him and asks him to spend the weekend with him - as friends. They hang out. Some time later they meet at SHIELD, I think. Sound familiar to anyone?