May 22nd, 2013


looking for specific story - arc reactor trauma

hi all:

I'm looking for a specific story set/written post-Avengers film, I believe. The whole team is living in Stark tower, I think, and at some point during a movie night? Tony falls asleep or something and someone (Steve?) bends over him on the couch and he has a flashback to Obie and freaks. Tries to cover it up and gets away fast.

There might be something where he has JARVIS do the explaining by running the footage, or maybe the Obie footage is involved somehow, or I'm conflating stories. I'd love pointers to any stories that involve the Obie betrayal, actually. I'm a huge arc reactor trauma glutton.

Thank you kindly.

FOUND: (by) it's evilmissbecky's Past Imperfect.
  • izoona

SpecFic Steve/Tony

Okay, I've been looking for this fic through Google for awhile now and I think it's been deleted. It was complete and I'm pretty sure I read it on AO3.

It was a different telling of the movie verse where the Red Skull was the mastermind and was controlling Loki. Thor and Jane get married in Vegas thanks to Tony and I think Steve goes hunting with Thor's friends? I think Clint and Darcy end up together and Tony gets kidnapped and ends up staying with Loki using really old computers as he's forced to build something for Red Skull in a safe bomb shelter Tony's dad made? And Loki's teaching him magic that the women of Asgard learn so he paints his nails with a pink highlighter.

I hope that's enough information and I'm not mixing 2 fics up, I believe it was around 103k words because I misread it as 10k and ended up staying up all night reading it.