June 2nd, 2013


FIC Search: Tony Stark crossover with Battlestar Galactica?

Hello lovely people! My first post here, so I hope I am being kosher, feel free to let me know if not. Okay, IF you haven't seen BSG all the way through, there are SPOILERS for some of the Cylon and Final Five themes!!!

I've become a bit obsessed with Tony Stark as a robot/human hybrid from the other posts on this site, which were fabulous. After reading similar works by Del_Rion @ao3, including the Matrix crossover, I got this idea in my head that a Battlestar Galactica 2004 crossover might exist somewhere. Slash, Gen, Canon, whatever is fine by me! Even not in BSG verse, other fics with these themes.

Specifically with Tony as a Cylon or Cylon Hybrid (the ones that are in a pool directly connected to the ships and other cylons, and talk like Oracles and are scary smart and all-knowing ;) perhaps even similar to the Final Five or what happens to Sam's head in the end?

Basically, i really want to find a scene where Tony is hooked up to any mainframe and spouting computer-ese that makes sense to him and confuses the non-techno Avengers ;)
If anything is out there even minutely similar to this idea (like Extremis!Tony), please send me a link or point me in the direction! Thank you!

[Specific fic search] Clint recruited while deployed, is illiterate

This was one of the first Avengers fics I ever read, long before I saw the movie. (so may even be comicverse?). It's not that long - 2000 words or thereabouts.
Clint is with his unit on deployment (Iraq? Afghanistan?) when - I think - Coulson drops by to meet him. I think there's a moment where Clint shows off his marksman skills with firearms, and then says he can do better with a bow. Coulson brings out papers (recruitment) and then realises from the way Clint reacts that he is borderline illiterate.