June 7th, 2013

Unrecognized Heros

Hello every body. I have a few requests here if you could give me a hand in finding some good fics. In general I love fics with either Tony or Steve (mostly Tony) going unrecognized and being taken for granted like Peter Parker.

1) Any of you watch Iron Man 3 yet? You know that part where he's "undercover" in the small town? I love the idea of him being in a small town so removed from the rest of the world that no one recognizes him and maybe treats him like a drifter. I also love a struggle so the more opposition he has in leaving and the less technology available the better. Bonus points if his engineering ingenuity abilities are highlighted. Something written "Doc Hollywood" style would really make my day.

2) I would love to see an Avenger's version of "Easy Rider" minus the drugs and fiery deaths.

3) Any fics where Tony's identity is still secret from the team, until something big happens and his cover is blown.

4) I would love a fic where Steve tried to be normal at first with a secret identity and gets a 9-5 job or goes back to college, etc, and his "friends"/co-workers/classmates are mean/ rude/ make fun of him/ etc, until something big happens and his identity is blown. :D

Help a girl out?

FIC SEARCH: Tony with telekinesis

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a fic. Tony has some telekinesis abilities I think. There is one scene where he visits Pepper in her bureau and they are attacked. Tony gets skewered on some modern art thingy before he can get to his suit. In the following battle, he stops the bleeding via his telekinesis. Spiderman makes a appearance and helps him to defeat the enemy. I don't really know how it goes from there and hope that somebody recognizes the scene above.


clint/coulson fix-it

i'm searching for a post battle fanfic where clint doesnn't know that coulson is alive,and his new handler forces him to have sex with their mark.clint is devastated before and after because he and coulson are married and clint felt like he had cheated and specialists are never supposed to be asked to do that.
when coulson comes back he says to fury that he will quit along with clint if clint's handler isn't fired because it was forced prostitution.
can you help me?
thank you!

The avengers get a new handler.


I'm looking for any fanfiction where the avengers have a handler other than Phil assigned to then, either by Fury or the council. I would perfer if the new agent was either terrible at his job or just plain cruel to the avengers.

The only one i've found so far is http://archiveofourown.org/works/468495/chapters/809641

Thanks in advance.

Looking for Barton-Brandt Crossover twin fic

I read a fic a while back where Clint and William were twins who were raised by their parents, their dad was a police officer who was very proud of their marksmanship and their mom was very caring and loving and made Clint his favorite meal because he was hurt.  I have been looking for this fic everywhere and I am not sure what site I read it on. I hope that you can help me.
I am not sure if I tagged tis correctly but I tried.

Thanks so much!